Lloyd’s experience and background make him the ideal POA Board Member. He has been tested and proven effective in the forges of Corporate America. In other words, He has been there, done that and did it VERY effectively. Lloyd knows the “ins and outs” of doing business in America today.

Why Vote for Lloyd Sherman For POA Board of Directors?

  • His experience in business included many of the skill sets that are lacking in our current Board. Things like Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, Financial Planning, Administering complex organizations, and Community Service have tempered him with a solid and practical understanding of the “right way” to run a complex business.
  • Our current POA needs a lot of help in their Marketing activities. They began building a new Marketing department in 2018 and so far it has fallen flat on its face. You cannot just point your finger at the POA and say, “You people are incompetent and uncaring”. This is not the case. They need experienced and knowledgeable help. They do not make mistakes on purpose and are not “bad people”. They too live here in the Village and want to make things better.
  • POA Marketing efforts have been severely neglected in the past. This is mostly due to the lack of a clear set of goals and objectives. Lloyd has worked with the “Management by Objectives” discipline for many years and knows how well it works. He has studied industry experts such as the world-renowned Peter Drucker, dubbed the “Father of Management Thinking” by the British Library in the UK.
  • Objectives must be clearly stated with finite and measurable results. They cannot be just a statement of “wishes” such as, “I will improve community relations”, without defining a way to measure the results. They must also have a definitive deadline for achievement. A good example is, “I will improve community relations by joining the local Chamber of Commerce, the local Lions Club, and by attending at least 6 of the 12 annual POA Committee Meetings for each committee by the end of the year for each year in office.”
  • “These types of measurable and quantifiable goals and objectives seem to have been missing in the POA Board over the past decade or more. I fully endorse two other like-minded candidates for HSV Board of Directors, Dick Garrison and Tucker Omohundro. Along with remaining like-minded board members plus candidates Dick and Tucker, we will work to cure this disastrous oversight and turn the POA back into the Maintenance organization it was originally designed to be. Help us get control of our community and put Hot Springs Village back on track for YOU, the Property Owners.