As your advocate on the HSV POA Board, my commitment is that I will restore trust by listening to each of you. My voice will be “your” voice. My pledge to you is that I will always champion and present your interests, both resident and non-resident property owners. I bring seasoned, comprehensive, professional business expertise and proven operations and management competence, combined with entrepreneurial experience. These are attributes that position me favorably to deliver effective board leadership. 

Actions I promise to pursue include:

  • Provide strategic focus on improving marketing, fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability proficiencies
  • Help define or redefine short and long-term business goals relative to financial stability, infrastructure and 1, 3- and 5-year obtainable results
  • Support short-term realignment of market efforts toward pre/post-retirement prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy
  • Support the development and apply data-driven, metric-measurable business analytics tools to evaluate department and employee performance
  • Support the streamlining of operating costs, tackle bad debt expense, address deferred maintenance and establish proper reserves
  • Support reintroduction of board working sessions for interaction with property owners
  • Support introduction of quarterly Town Halls with candid POA Member Q & A
  • Work to restore trust in BoD decision-making process through actions, not words

I am The Right Choice with the Right Strengths

Property Owner Advocate –
  • Village inclusive representativenot neighborhood segmented
  • Listens, interacts, reacts, respectful…values your opinions
  • Your voice represented
  •  Experienced Leadernot a follower
  • Asks the tough questionspersistent…tenacious
  • Loves problem-solvingSees problems as opportunities
  • Collaborative and cooperative
  • Common sensesound judgment
  • Intuitive reasoning abilitya Big Picture perspective
  • Analyticalmethodical in detail…purposeful


  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Conflict management techniques
  • Cooperative support attitude
  • Goal-oriented
  • Action-oriented

I have always lived by the credo, “You get what you inspect, not what you expect!”    (Lloyd Sherman)