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Elect Lloyd 2020

Change Agent

Continue the pursuit as property owner advocate to assist the three new board members elected in 2019 return the voice of the Village back to the property owners.


An Ad Hoc budget committee should be helpful. It is not a substitute for a Finance Committee that reports to the Board. Many hands make light work and more eyes on all aspects of the financials is absolutely necessary for an organization this size.

Total Cash & Cash Equivalent

The POA announced that we moved $1.5 million to reserves this year and while that may be true, it was right/left pocket money. The real question is where did the almost $2.8 million go that was in these accounts at the beginning of 2018?


Marketing the Village to stimulate growth has been absent for an extended period of time. The latest attempt to address marketing is being done with a sub-committee under the guidance of the CMP Advisory Committee. Marketing efforts coming out of this group, by definition then can only submit to the “suggestions” in the CMP. Agree with the CMP or not, these efforts are not a substitute for a Board level concentrated marketing strategy to reach targeted audiences that will address the revenue issues facing us today rather than 20 years from now.

Privacy & Security (Gates)

It is reasonable to suggest that a majority of people moved to this community because it is gated and provides both the privacy and security that a gated community gives. It is only logical to believe this is the case for future residents as well. Since the introduction of the CMP, fears are on the rise that the commercial development aspects suggested in the CMP will result in the gates being taken down to support those activities. They are founded upon reasonable concerns.

Transparency & Access

We are in the beginning stages of a new era where we have a court ruling that information can no longer be kept from property owners, but we still have a long way to go. The current system does not present easy access to the information for either the POA administration or the property owners. Property owners deserve to know what they are paying for and now the judge has made that clear.

Governing Documents

The whole issue of governing documents has totally rolled out-of-control. We have a CMP that was adopted in 2018 that many believe should have required a vote of the property owners. Even though this has been referred to as a strategic planning document, it was recently moved to the category of being a “governing document”!

Question: How can a strategic document EVER become a governing document? Then we have more and more instances of Bylaws, charters, and policies in conflict with each other, and the answer thus far has been to change the Bylaws to fit the narrative.

Lloyd Sherman